National Service Scheme (NSS)

Our NSS unit is more  than four decades old and has served excellently over the years for the benefit our society in general and the rural community in particular, covering many villages in and around Ambur in trying to make them self-sufficient, clean and  green. Our volunteers have been able to create social awareness for the development of our country and ample opportunities have been provided for the development of leadership qualities and personality development.

Mr. P. Markandan                     Mr. P.Mohamed Jafar
Programme Officer Unit-I         Camp Assistant Unit I
Mr. A. Noorul Ameen               Mr. A. Sanjeev Kumar
Programme Officer Unit-II        Camp Assistant Unit II
Dr. T. Aasif Ahmed                  Mr. V. Suhail Ahmed
Programme Officer Unit-III       Camp Assistant Unit III                 


History of AMES

The Ambur Muslim Educational Society, founded in the year 1905, made a humble beginning by starting a small elementary school for boys. Like


About MU College

The Mazharul Uloom College was founded by the Ambur Muslim Educational Society (AMES) in 1969 with the united efforts of a dedicated team