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Career Guidance

Choosing the right career is a very challenging task. Careers can actually make or break one's life. So it is important to make the right choice. The Career Guidance Cell of our College does give continous counseling  to students and as what they may do after graduation.It tries to help them in pursuing the right courses, in the right Colleges or institutes and guides in choosing a suitable career. As a useful dimension of the Career Guidance Cell, our College has been permitting in-campus and off-campus interviews conducted by the various MNCs and other major companies through the placement cell. Many talented students have benefited from this unique opportunity  since accreditation. As a permanent feature of our College this would certainly continue to benefit the students’ community.

                Mr. A. Zakiuddin Ahmed                Co-ordinator
                Mr. S. Niyaz Ahmed                       Placement Officer
                Ms. M. Parveen Banu                     Placement Officer
                Mrs. A. Farhana                             Placement Officer


Government Scholarships Students are eligible for a large number of scholarships, fee concessions and other aids. Arrangements exists to


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