Home Announcements Circular - 18.04.2020


17 Apr 2020 | Friday | Commerce, Computer Science, Corporate Economics, Corporate Secretaryship, Mathematics, Department of Microbiology, Department of Business Administration, Department of computer Science, Department of English (PG), Department of Information System Management, Physical Education, Tamil, Urdu

Circular - 18.04.2020

SUB: Conduct of CIA III, Practical and Theory examinations Apr / May 2020 Direction issued - by the TVU -Regarding.

Ref: No. TVU/R/Covid -19/Re Schedule of Uni. Exam/Direction issue/2020/ ​​​​​​​​​​​​​Dt.17.04.2020

I am by direction from the Registrar, Thiruvalluvar University, Vellore inform to all the Staff and the Students that;

• the revised schedule of practical and theory examinations, Apr / May 2020 will be intimated after announcement of the date of reopening of colleges by the Higher education department, Government of Tamil Nadu.

​• Further, it is informed that all faculty of the affiliated colleges, those who have not conducted CIA III should complete before 30th April 2020 by giving assignments instead of return examinations to the students.

• to explore ways to engage the students using suitable teaching methods to complete the ongoing courses.

• planning to reschedule the examinations continuously without giving breaks in between and if necessary to conduct examinations in two sessions as morning and afternoon to publish the final year results at the earliest.

• principals and heads of departments are directed to instruct properly both the students and staff to prepare for the examinations during this lock-down.

• to contact Registrar or Controller of Examinations of Thiruvalluvar University regarding any clarification in this regard.

Principal i/ c