Home Announcements Circular - 19.5.2020


20 May 2020 | Wednesday | Commerce, Computer Science, Corporate Economics, Corporate Secretaryship, Mathematics, Department of Microbiology, Department of Business Administration, Department of computer Science, Department of English (PG), Department of Information System Management, Physical Education, Tamil, Urdu

Circular - 19.5.2020

Department of Computer Applications and PG Department of Information technology organizing *Online Quiz on
1. HTML , 2. JAVA, 3. Programming in C ,4. Computer and IT Skills, 5. Open Source Programming
6. Research Methodology, 7. Information and Communication Technology (ICT).*

*Participants:*Faculties, Researchers & Students.

To participate, click on the link
1. HTML - https://forms.gle/9z6ZNLHKQf8heSh59
2. JAVA – https://forms.gle/X1ykFncpDtzHh4Jf9
3. Programming in C – https://forms.gle/dNpVeB8GLTkCYU6n9
4. Computer and IT Skills –https://forms.gle/HyzxNvH6v4pEYowm7
5. Open Source Programming – https://forms.gle/oJN71GpdFhuJTSpj6
6. Research Methodology - https://forms.gle/rj8CX3Jz5B2fs9DG8
7. Information and Communication Technology (ICT) - https://forms.gle/mCRL8BM3gDucUB1i9

Date:19-05-2020 to 22-05-2020

Note: e-certificate will be auto-generated in your registered mail.
Only to the participants who have scored: 1. HTML –more than 50%, 2. JAVA – more than 50%, 3. Programming in C - more than 50%, 4. Computer and IT Skills – more than 50%, 5. Open Source Programming – more than 50%, 6. Research Methodology – more than 60%, 7. Information and Communication Technology (ICT) – more than 60%.

Daily limit of certification is only 100. Please try again on next day, if you are unable to attempt

With warm Regards,
Coordinator and HOD
Dr.P.Rizwan Ahmed
Department of Computer Applications and IT

Principal i/c
Dr.K.H. Kaleemullah

Executive Secretary
Dr.P.M.Aadil Ahmed

Secretary and Correspondent
M.Nazar Mohamed
Mazharul Uloom College
Ambur – 635 802, Tirupattur District
Tamil Nadu, INDIA.

For further queries: mucopenquiz@gmail.com