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Circular - Arogya Setu App - 11.04.2020

Circular -Staff (Shift I & II)

Aarogaya Setu App


                           As per the direction from the UGC, all the staff (Teaching and Non-Teaching) and Students are asked to download the Aarogaya Setu App developed by the Ministry of Electronics and IT in their mobiles by following the links given in the UGC letter dated 10.04.2020 or from our college website.

                         The App will help the Government to take necessary timely steps for assessing risk of spread of COVID -19 infection and ensure isolation wherever required. The personal data collected by the App is encrypted using the state-of-the-art technology and stays secure on the phone till it is needed for facilitating medical intervention.


For HoDs and Office Superintendent Eyes Only

All HoDs and OS are directed to           

1.     Ask their department staff to download this App in their mobile phones and give the necessary data to the government through this App.

2.      Ask all the mentors of their department to inform and guide the students to download this App on their mobile phones. The links of this App can be sent through messages or Whatsapp messages to the students.

3.     Ask them to inform students that the links are also available in our college website.

                 The letter of the UGC is also enclosed with this circular.  All HoDs. OS and Mentors are asked to follow the guidelines strictly to ensure that all our staff and students download this App in their mobile phones.

                 Looking for your fullest cooperation.

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