Home Announcements Circular to Staff - Mental health and well being of students: 07-04-2020


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Circular to Staff - Mental health and well being of students: 07-04-2020

Circular -Staff  (Shift I & II)

Mental health and Well being of Students during and after COVID-19

For  all the HoD's and  Mentors Eyes only


                           As per the direction from the UGC, all the HoDs and Mentors are informed that all possible preventive and precautionary measures should be taken to ensure the safety and security of the students as we confront the breakout of COVID-19. During the national lockdown it is equally important to address any kind of mental health and psychosocial concerns of the student community during and after COVID -19. The following measures are to be taken to ensure to avoid any kind of panic and stress in prevailing situations on their mental health and related issues like psychosocial and well beings of the students. 

All the HoDs and Mentors are directed to

1.     Monitor regularly the students by keeping contacts with them through interactions, e-mails, telephones and social media to keep them calm, composite and stress free.

2.     Create students help group headed by the mentor so that they can offer immediate necessary help in case of any need.

3.     Inform the students that in our college website, related videos link are available which they can watch to know more about COVID -19.

4.     Inform the students that helpline numbers are available in our college website for any urgency they can contact these numbers.

The letter of the UGC is also enclosed with this circular.  All the HoDs and Mentors are asked to follow the guidelines strictly. Expecting your fullest cooperation.

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