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29-10-2014 - 29-12-2014 | Venue: | Commerce, Computer Science, Corporate Economics, Corporate Secretaryship, Mathematics, Department of Microbiology, Department of Business Administration, Department of computer Science, Department of English (PG), Department of Information System Management, Physical Education, Tamil, Urdu


Students of 1971-74 Batch {both B.A. Economics and B.Sc. Mathematics} of our College conducted meeting of Alumni of their batch by celebrating the commemoration of completion of 40 years of their college studies on Sunday, the 31st August 2014 at our premises.

Mr. D. Viswanathan, then student and convener of the meeting invited all the dignitaries to the dais and also delivered the welcome address.  Shawls were mantled to all by various student participants of the function. Dr. P.M. Aadil Ahmed, principal of the college presided over the function.  Principal of that time Prof. P. M. Thameem Ansari and the former Principal Prof. D. Nisar Ahmed were the Chief Guests of the meeting.

Mr. D. Viswanathan welcomed one and all and conveyed the gratitude to Mr. M. Nazer Mohammed, Secretary and Correspondent and the Principal Dr. P.M. Aadil Ahmed for having given permission to perform such a meeting for the first time in the history of the College.

During his Presidential Address, Dr. P.M. Aadil Ahmed referred the situation as ‘Rarest Occasion’ in the life of the students and he wished that Alumni of the College to meet periodically and also help in the improvement and development of the College.

Various participating students of that time spoke on the occasion.  They remembered the events that had happened during their college days and explained how they utilized their knowledge and gained experience in the real life both personal and official. Some of the humorous events and heroic adventures that had taken place were narrated by all the speakers in their own style. Further, many of them spoke how the advice of the lecturers and the Principal helped them to achieve their goals in their practical life.

Mathematics Prof. Ameer Basha narrated various experience of his own as a teacher during his initial days of joining the College with various students and methods of teaching that he undertook to make the students understand the subject.  He stated that the College is our ‘MOTHER’ and we should always take care of our Mother and every one of us must contribute to the Golden Jubilee Celebration of the College which will take place in 2019.  Further, he contributed his share as a token amount for the further improvement of the college and requested every one of the participants to come out with their share.

Mr. Abdul Rahman, the then Director of Physical Education advised that everyone should cultivate the habit of teaching moral values to their wards for the existence of congenial atmosphere in the Society.

Dr. N. Raja Hussain, Head of the Department of Corporate Secretaryship and Dr. A. S. Mohamed Rafee Head of the Department of English also spoke on the occasion.  They shared their present experiences and further wished such Alumni meeting should take place at periodical intervals.

Prof. A. Ramamoorthy, the then Head of the Department of History and Political Science vividly expressed his experience during his stay in the college and the then Management chose him to head the administration of Mazharul Uloom High School.  He gained substantial experience which also helped him to head other teaching institutions after his retirement from the College.  He was of the opinion that the students have to be educated only through mother tongue for better understanding and implementing of new ideas.  He remembered many events connected with the then students and their developments and how teachers stood as a guiding factor for the students. He stood along with the views of Prof. Ameer Basha in the participation of former students in the development of the institution.

Immediate former Principal Prof. D. Nisar Ahmed recollected his College days as a student of this College in the Pre University Course in 1969-70 and his career development.  He also explained how the College Management, teaching staff, non-teaching staff and above all the students helped to perform better in his capacity as a Principal.

Former Principal of those days Prof. P. M. Thameem Ansari stated that he enjoyed his stay with ‘self-respect’ during his presence at college as the Principal and succeeded in all his endeavors.  He stated that he never felt any boredom and all his experience were very much enjoyable.  During his existence in the college, he experienced Team spirit was excellent and through this the college achieved the goal. All students cooperated excellently as the College premises were very small and uncomfortable; with that everyone adjusted.  All problems were shared by all the people around him.  

Further, while advising the gathering for their renewed and extended life, he mentioned that one should not take the responsibility lightly. All the opportunities have to be utilized properly and everyone has to perform his duty diligently by creating confidence with the people around them.

Everyone who spoke on the occasion thanked the students of 1971-74 batch for having conducted such a meeting and particularly appreciated the efforts taken by Mr. D. Viswanathan in designing, structuring and also executed the gathering of the batchmates after 40 years in one roof.  As proposed by the immediate former Principal Prof. D. Nisar Ahmed, standing ovation was given to Mr. D. Viswanathan.

Mementos were given to all the dignitaries and also to the non-teaching staff of that time.

Mr. R. Devaraji, former B.Sc. student conveyed thanks to the Secretary and Correspondent Mr. M. Nazer Mohammed and Principal Dr. P. M. Aadil Ahmed for having accorded their kind permission for conducting the meeting.  Further, he conveyed thanks to all the participants and more specifically to former Principal Mr. P. M. Thameem Ansari, Prof. A. Ramamoorthy and Prof. Ameer Basha for having graced the occasion and also blessed and advised the former students for leading their second phase of life.


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