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05-08-2016 - 31-08-2016 | Venue: | Commerce, Computer Science, Corporate Economics, Corporate Secretaryship, Mathematics, Department of Microbiology, Department of Business Administration, Department of computer Science, Department of English (PG), Department of Information System Management, Physical Education, Tamil, Urdu

Internal Quality Assurance Cell Meeting Held on 05/08/2016


Date : 05.08.16 
                                                                                                                                                  Time :11.00 am
Venue: IQAC Hall

Members: Prof.ASAK, Dr.KHK, Mrs.PJS, Dr.BA, Dr.RJL, Mr.IAS, Mr.KAA, Miss.KV.

Members attended: ALL

Members absentees: NIL 

Agenda:  Monitoring quality of the institution & maintaining records, AQAR – 2015-2016, Autonomous proposal, UGC fund utilization.

  • Meeting started at 11.30 am with the recitation of Quarth by Dr.KHK.
  • Principal welcomed & addressed the meeting.
  • Principal briefed about the activities of IQAC. He first introduced the team of IQAC and then explained their roles and responsibilities.
  • Two teams were formed:
    • Academic team and UGC fund team.
  • With regard to the academic team, Principal said how to maintain & assure quality in the institution and what all should be taken care of. He said to chart out a plan to regularize the academic activities of the college.
  • He discussed about the UGC fund and how to utilize it. Members also gave their   suggestions.
  • He asked the members to prepare the autonomous proposal by the end of this month, so that it can be sent to UGC soon.
  • New Technical staff Miss.KVaitheswari, MCA has been appointed full time in the IQAC.                                                           


Prof A.Shafee Ahmed Khan                                                                                             Dr.P.M.Aadil Ahmed

Coordinator                                                                                                                         Principal & Chairman

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